Photo - Jonny Wilson for ATOMIC Vintage Festival

Film and story have long been used as a form of therapy, as a way of helping people find solutions to their own problems, while identifying with a fictional character. Often know as cinema therapy, reel therapy or narrative therapy.

For me it is much more than that.

TV and film not only help us understand youth culture, but also allow us to examine the shared beliefs, ideals and attitudes of society. Visual media also encourages important conversations, helps us understand ourselves and see the world and our situation differently.

Watching the screen can help us challenge societal norms, bust our biases and give us an approachable way to have important discussions with young people.

That is what The Screenology Club aims to do; start meaningful discussions with young people using film and story as the vehicle by equipping the adults in their lives with tools and information.

It’s totally free to join the club and it’s simple.

We join together in a Facebook group

  • We talk about film and TV what we watched, what we loved, what we didn’t love.

  • I share my thoughts and ideas on recent programmes that have young people hooked.

  • Monthly ( well nearly always monthly I will send you a movie/tv recommendations and some thought provoking questions you could use with the young people in your life.

  • And other goodies, thoughts and ideas but who knows what they will be yet, we are all making it up as we go along here.

  • And please note participation in the facebook group is not essentially if its not your thing. Just join and you will still get the monthly screenletter.