Why I prefer being a plus one

plus one

I was never meant to be ‘the one’

Those who have been around me for a while will know that I was never the plus one I was always ‘the one’. I had a TV show, book deal. appearances on this that and whatever programme and I felt important. But it took a toll on me I don’t think I was ever really supposed to be ‘the one’ it really trampled on my need for freedom and the rebel in me always felt like I was trapped. I was always worried I would say something I shouldn’t, and I always did, drink too much, be too stupid, not act professional enough and say something that was upsetting and I mostly did all of them. Then there was the worry about whether I looked the part was I wearing the right outfit and blah blah blah. It was exhausting and for the most part I hated it so when it all went as suddenly as it came I have to say I was somewhat relieved in part. It allowed me to take a breath, stop worrying what others thought and finally be me. I had what most people dream of and I truly hatred every minute of it.

Fast forward and I’ve gone from being ‘the one’ to been the plus one on most of the events my daughters get invitations for, and I love it. I don’t worry what to wear, I don’t care about upsetting people and it doesn’t  matter what I do really as long as I don’t swing for the chandeliers declaring my love for chocolate I’m alright. I can, as a plus one do what I could never do as ‘the one’, I can just observe, watch, and take it what is happening. I can listen, absorb and come to much more thoughtful conclusions about what is happening.

I feel like I’m incognito, an undercover spy, nothing is expected of me, no over really cares about me and I love it. It feels like I’m on a mission that only I am aware of and while I might be deadly no one really suspects me of anything.

Plus one is mine and you know what I own it. Just goes to show that the tried and tested way people expect us to go, the paths they expect us to follow are not necessarily the paths we should be on, not necessarily our destiny. I chose to follow fame because that is what I thought it meant to be successful and it made me miserable.

So now I’m just been me, keeping an eye on Bronte from afar making sure she is fulfilling her obligations while I just sit at the bar and share whisky and stories.

 I can highly recommend this plus one thing.