September Reads Wrap Up and October Reads


What am I Reading This Month

So as usual in my world September didn’t go to plan, they very rarely do.

I started Outwalkers and while I loved it, it was a bit like Daniel Tate for me in the fact that nothing was happening. If nothing really happens in the first half of a book I tend to find it difficult to carry on. So I put it down as it just wasn’t gripping me. I may come back to it yet.

Then I picked up Beartown and could barely function until I had finished it. One of the best books I have ever read (review below). I read it in a week, which for me is quick.


I only picked this book up as I got wind that it may be made into a book and film or a TV series. I was expecting it to not really be my thing but boy, was I wrong! This book had me hooked from the very beginning and has become one of the best books I have ever read.  The story is nothing knew and has been told many times before, but the way the story is told is captivating. You feel like you are in Beartown, experiencing what is happening and it tears you apart as much as it does the characters. You feel everything with them , understand why each character is acting the way they are and it is utterly believable. The writing is stunning and effortless, skipping between past, present and different points of view while also adding some lyrical genius, which often made me stop in my tracks. It is a book about people, about life and about triumph and tragedy that will have you hooked with every page.

 I then started House Swap, which I loved, but I couldn’t get Beartown out of my mind so I had to order the second one, which i am still devouring. So yes, I put House Swap down to read Us and Them.

Did I ever mention my addictive personality?

The Toymakers I never got to.

So My October Reads

I firstly want to finish Us and Them and House Swap.
Then I’m going to move onto The Summer that Melted Everything because everyone has gone on about it so much, I feel I must read it.
Then I will move onto The Hate U Give – this so looks up my street and I have heard such good things about it. Plus it’s been made into a movie, so I have to read it first.

So what do you have planned this month?