September and What I will be reading.


Trying to love September

So for those of you that know you will know I am a summer girl through and through and I always find the arrival of September and impending Autumn rather depressing. I am determined this year to try and not go in to my Oh no! Winter is coming! funk and enjoy the season a bit more; I blame Helen Redfern for this and to be honest as I write this I have no idea how I am going to actually do this but I am going try.

I think partly I’m finding this shift this year much harder because it’s one step closer to Winter, which is turn is one step closer to my 50 birthday and I have written a lot about how I am struggling a lot with what I see as impending doom. I trying to embrace moving into the wise years, but I am finding it tricky.

What do I love about Summer?

So I sat down and tried to think about what I loved most about summer, other than the sun and for me I think it’s just the lazy days, the amount of reading I do. The ways I tend to quit routine and eat and do what I feel like. So as I’ve started to plan for September. I’m also trying to be looser with myself, plan for time when I can be lazy and yes, do a lot more reading.

So what books will be joining my journey with me this month?

Anyone who has been around me for a while will know when it comes to reading I have eclectic tastes and I tend to read just whatever takes my fancy and often push myself to read books I wouldn’t normally. Reading still feels like a little bit of an enemy to me after struggling the whole of my teen years with dyslexia, so books with huge long words and descriptive pose tend to be ones I keep away from. So this month I’m picking four books (I’ll probably only get through two but I often start books, put them down and come back to them, so I like the freedom of choice). This month I’ve split them up into two of my favorite genres, one book I want to read before it gets made into a film and one book I wouldn’t normally read but looks interesting.

Book One – The OutWalkers

I adore and devour dystopian young adult books; last month is was Vivienne and the Apocalypse and this month it’s The OutWalkers and I’m super-happy about this as its set in England and not America. It’s set in a world where the government can track everyone with a chip inserted at birth. It starts with the main character’s escape from an Academy orphanage and a desire to be reunited with his dog. I’m really excited for this one and two chapters in, already loving it.

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Book Two – The House Swap.

I’ve had this book for ages as we took photos for it for Bookish Photography and the premise seemed so interesting I’ve decided it’s time to read it. After being reunited with a thriller last month, Playing with Death, I have remembered my love for this genre. It’s about, you guessed, a house swap but they suddenly realise that perhaps they are not alone in the house after all. Again, I think I’ll go through this one quickly as it is right up my street.

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Book Three – Beartown

I have had this one for ages as we took photos of it for Bookish Photography, but I recently found out that it has been made into a film, so I want to read it before this happens. This is about a town that spends most of the year under snow and isolated. A single brutal act divides the town. I’m excited for this as I love a good crime novel.

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Book Four - Toy Makers

This is my wild card; it is a book that we are doing pictures for at Bookish Photography and is about a toy maker whose toys come to life and is set between WW1 and WW2. The story sounds amazing, but I tend to not do well with books from this period. However I’ve decided to give it a go and stretch myself a bit.

And the audio books I will be listening to:

First I will be finishing Everybody Lies, which is truly one of the most fascinating things I have listened to in a long time. It’s all about data and more to the point big data and how data shows us that, despite what people say, they always lie and that is the only thing we can really be sure of. It’s right up my street and I love it.

The next one I will be listening to is Hello World, How to be Human in the Age of the Machine – I’m so looking forward to this because I absolutely fascinated by algorithms – yes, I am a techie geek.

Film-wise I’m looking forward to the kid’s films stopping and finally being able to watch something that isn’t a cartoon. This month I’m looking forward to Searching and a Simple Favour. And as for TV series, the return of The Originals on Netflix will have me drooling over the lyrical Klaus Mikaelson. The writing in this show just gives me chills and the lines that come out of Klaus’s mouth are pure poetry; I find myself wanting to watch each episode again with a note book.

So what does your September hold?

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