Sabrina The Teenage Witch Review

Sabrina the Teenage Witch Review

For me there was something missing

Like most I was so excited when Netflix announced a remake of this beloved show and I devoured the episodes.

And now as I’ve finished watching season one I am left feeling like someone promised me a five course meal and only delivered the starter. And the worse thing is I can’t quite figure out why I feel this way.

Apart from the obviously disappointment that Salem wasn’t in it a lot perhaps to do with the main character discovering on set she was allergic to cats, but  I do feel like there was something else missing.

It felt like a mash up of lots of different shows Riverdale, The Vampire Dairies and Charmed but never really claimed its own identify.

The main character for me only became interesting towards the end and for most part just seemed narcissistic and entitled. The most interesting character seemed to be an afterthought and I’m not really sure why he was there but for me Ambrose stole the show the rest of the characters just didn’t seem to go anywhere there was no arc in their development it was almost like everyone was fully formed from the beginning and had nowhere to go.

For me this story in essence was a story about the fight within for good and evil, humanity and well witch, do we follow our destiny or our hearts, I mean right there is a really good plot, a real struggle yet I don’t think we saw any of this, Sabrina seemed void of emotion and totally only focused on her own life. It just missed a trick in my eyes.

I still enjoyed up don’t get me wrong but I wanted more angst, more struggle and more reality I guess. I think this show could have really helped young people answer some of their internal questions as they struggle with their own identity instead it sowed this struggle as almost binary and simple. But never the less I eagerly await the next series.