Love, Simon - a film that tell us a lot about Generation Z


Want to understand Generation z watch Love, Simon

Based on the book Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda this film is of great interest to me as it touches on the Generation Z vibe. If you really want to know the difference between Millennials and Generation Z, watch this film. It’s an in-your-face show of how open Generation Z are about everything and how emotionally intelligent they are. It’s basically a gay love story and sure, without the gay part it would be as cliché as anything and a real throw back to the likes of Pretty in Pink and those other 80’s coming-of-age romances. It’s a gay love story guys and it doesn’t put it in lights, it just plays it out like gay wasn’t even an issue and for this generation it isn’t at all. Now I am not saying that gay should be an issue at all but when I think back to the programmes I have watched they were all well, let’s say so different; Queer as Folk is an example. These programmes always seemed to show gay life so different form normal life, which of course it isn’t.  Other than a few issues, the main character seems to be the only one struggling with coming out. His parents are supportive, his friends by the way don’t really care and in reality nothing changes for him when he decides to tell the world, which is exactly how it should be.

This film also touches on some much deeper questions and stereotypes, I think. It asks the question of why only gay people have to come out, challenges the assumption of what gay looks like and makes you wonder why it is still an issue.

And that is what I think this film highlights so much; how for Generation Z gay is not even an issue. Why should they have to come out anyway? The issue really is with the rest of us.

And it did make me shed a tear in a few places.