Book - Review Kismet

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Kismet by Luke Tredget

I have to admit I bought this book because I loved the cover and am obsessed with the word Kismet and all things fate. I had no idea what it was about but decided to read it anyway. I really did love it. It's set around a dating app that matches people based on certain criteria and can pick up when a match is close to you. It rates potential dates by a percentage and while this is nothing new, in this book most people's lives are run around this app and people only seem to be with matches. While the book is essentially based around this app we follow the journey of Anna and her struggles with relationships, knowing herself and deciding between her dreams or a normal life.  The arc of the main character is one I loved; she goes from needy and problematic to kick-ass and awesome throughout the story. She learns so much about herself, who she is and what she wants and you feels like you are growing and changing with her.  It also asks some really serious questions about our reliance on technology, the data others hold on us and how safe anything really is on-line. Overall I enjoyed it; nothing ground breaking but an entertaining read.