Influencers influencing other influencers.


I can’t help thinking sometimes, as I scroll through my Instagram feed, who are influencers influencing really? Let’s face it, ever since the platform went mainstream it just seems to be a place where everyone wants to be the next big thing. Everyone’s pictures are becoming the same, falling into several categories and they all copy each other.

You have the fashion influencers all doing cool editorial shots, the pretty dress and flower brigade, the travel influencer with her dress flowing in the wind, the creative influencer with things flying around the place, the Photoshop megastars and the pose-against-a-coloured-wall influencer. I’m not saying there is inherently anything wrong with any of them; there isn’t and I love looking at all these pictures but honestly, often I find myself asking where is the innovation, where is the newness?

And maybe this is what happens when an app goes mainstream; maybe it stops influencing ‘normal people’ and just starts being a place where the large influencers are just influencing the smaller ones and it’s just a platform of wannabees and already-theres. I don’t know, maybe I’m being cynical but when the same places, the same dresses, the same messages just keep coming up again and again, I just feel so over it. Instagram used to be a place where I could find anything I wanted; if I needed some art it was on Instagram, need I even talk about my Instagram clog obsession? But now all I see are twirly dresses and the next best Instagrammable location.

On Bronte’s account we try as much as we can to feature locations that no one else goes to, outfits that we don’t see elsewhere and we tend to go for the quirky and unique, but maybe we have got it wrong, who knows? The twirly dresses and coloured wall accounts seem to be growing a lot.

However, what I do know is that we always wanted to keep a girl-next-door kind of feel to what we do. Someone called Bronte #goals the other day and it really did start an amazing discussion, she doesn’t want to be a #goal. We don’t really want people to be a copy of her; we want them to be themselves, to be the amazing person they are. And that to me is what Instagram is missing now; personality, or should I say individual personality and I don’t know about you but I kind of miss that.

And please, I’m not saying that everyone is the same, there really are some gems out there, some people doing things their own way, but they are few and far between.

I’d love to know your thoghts.