Book Review - What Lies Within By Annabelle Thorpe

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A Perfect Summer Read

I’ve had this book for ages and put off reading it for so long. The cover and the title just didn’t gel with me and even after reading it I feel like they don’t really fit very well. I thought it was going to be one of those summer romance, chick-flick kinds of things, which really are not my bag.

However I was pleasantly surprised by it. The book deliciously creates a web of lies while also describing Morocco so much you can almost smell and taste it. It reminded me a bit of Riveria. I actually really enjoyed it and found myself rooting for certain characters and wanting to pick the book up, even when I was working to find out what happened to them. It was predictable in places and I saw some of the plot twists coming; not all, but some.

But as a light hearted thriller (is that even a thing) I found it pleasant and I feel it would make a perfect summer read. A 3.5/5 for me.