Book Review The Mars Room by Rachel Kushner


Too clever for it's own good

I wanted to love this book, I really did, but I just didn't. Not because the writing was bad, it was great, not because the story was bad, it wasn't. It was just not my sort of book; while I found the story touching and beautiful in its rawness, I also found it bleak, depressing and confusing. Which perhaps is its aim; again not my sort of book.

I like books that tell a clear linear tale, have suspense, make me love the characters and want to know what happens. In this, other than towards the end, I was just not invested. Most of the time I didn't know whose chapter it was or what time frame we were in, which made it very hard to track with. 

It's also one of those books that literary types talk about in tongues and droll over and make me feel like I'm back at school in the dunces corner. I get the feeling that it's one of those books that only the intellectual and intelligent are allowed to enjoy and that is the number one thing I despise about books. And I know that is a lot to put on one book, but I just feel that this book is trying to be too clever for it's own good and it could have been a page turner but just wasn't.