Hi, I’m Sarah and I like to think of myself as a Human De-Coder (or purple caped crusader on my good days).

I investigate, de-tangle and make sense of behaviour, identity, culture and society so people,companies and organisations can make smarter and wiser choices and decisions.

In short I cut through all the crap (beige) so you can see new ideas, possibilities and innovative solutions (purple) .

My Murky Past

My first job ever was at Disney World in Florida and my last was as a police officer in London. That sums me up really; Buzz Lightyear and Agent Prentice, all rolled into one.

I’ve done lots and I mean lots; managed bars, hotels, restaurants, pounded the streets of London, arrested people and appeared in the Old Bailey. More recently I’ve written books, had TV series, spoken at a lot of corporate shindigs and a few conferences, consulted with some Fortune 500s, shared the stage with some big media types, written for most leading newspapers  and even had a stint on Loose Women, which I can testify is terrifying!

I was known as the UK’s leading teen coach, the youth expert and a Teenologist.

But that's the past, and you know a girl has to move on.

My Not So Murky Present

I am now turning my talents and superpowers in a slightly different direction.  I’m using my investigative abilities and in-depth knowledge of young people to decode modern day culture and problems so that we can make smarter and wiser choices and decisions about the future.

I’m also on a personal mission to encourage people to be more purple in a sea of beige. Honestly, I am just sick of the lack of creativity and innovation in the world and will fight sameness and mediocrity until I’m blue (or purple) in the face.  

The Future is Purple

I have big plans.

I want my framework to be the final deciding decision-making process for all youth interventions.  Simple; its scope and potential for impact are exponential.

I also believe that as a society we should be using films and TV more in our work and intend to work with large entertainment corporations to produce supporting material for all hard-hitting, relevant and controversial programming.

I am passionate about young creators, know that we need to value our young content creators more and will work tirelessly to help creative young people reach their potential, as well as helping change the way we view creative pursuits.

Oh, and I want everyone to be wearing a Be Purple badge or T-shirt; I haven’t decided yet.