What is your Parenting Philosophy?

Parenting is never a word that I have particularly liked or even identified with. For me this word conjures up a feeling of control over another, immense judgment and something that is fixed in stone.

For me being a parent is a gift, it is something we will get more wrong then we will get right, something we should never be judged and certainly something that doesn’t have one set way. Raising a child is teamwork, raising a child is one of the most important thing we ever do,  raising a child is complicated, messy and often exhausting.

Parenting for me is simply about raising a child who goes into the world a valued member of society. For each parent that will mean something different and that's okay. Parenting is about knowing what you want as a team, what you want for your child and what is the most important thing to your family. It's about knowing and understanding your child and parenting from a that place of understanding rather than controlling a smaller person and bending them to your will.

If your child grows up feeling love, feeling free to be who they are and is independent then as far as I am concerned your job is done. So I guess if I had any philosophy it would be that.  How each one of us gets there will not look the same from one family to another.

So here’s to us throwing away the so-called parenting rulebooks, trusting ourselves as the expert on our own child and taking back our parenting power.