Advice from a Winter Olympian

I want to be a snowboarder or a freestyle skier. It's never to late I guess! 

I love, love, love, the Winter Olympics. There is something so relaxed and cool about the Winter Olympians, they seem less highly strung than their Summer equivalents.

But my fave above everyone is the UK freestyle skier James woods. 

He came 4th in the men's ski slopestyle. 

But when asked if he was disspaintied he simple replied

I don't do it for the medals, I do it to land the perfect run.

And when further questioned about if only he had made the rails cleaner he just shrugged and said "maybe, but I landed the run."

I mean how cool is it?

And what a lesson for us all, especially me. Just get up every day and decide to do the best you can that day, not worrying about the long term goal. Just land a run each day that's it! The run depends on what day it is, how I feel and what way the wind is blowing.

So this is now my motto now in life.

Did I land a run today?

Thanks Woodsy for the advice!